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Our company is ready to help you in many areas of the database and IT world. We can provide you with consulting services ranging from database tuning, licensing to employee training.


If you are a small to mid-size company and you do not want to build your own datacenter  - Terama Cloud solution is here for you.

Terama Cloud Services

We have provided our services to many satisficed clients who return to us not only for our quality service but also for the trust and relationships they have built with us.


Terama Consulting was founded in 2016. While the company is young, it was founded by  seasoned Oracle veterans with experienced partners who can provide reliable top level services. The core foundation of our business is expert knowledge and a friendly environment. We want our clients to be a part of our inner circle.

We provide services in all areas of database architecture. We can help you find the best database vendor, type and license model for your needs. We can help you build and design your database. We have experts in tuning and troubleshooting, so we can tune you SQL and PL/SQL code to the best possible level.

We provide training services where your employees can leverage knowledge from our top experts to expand and grow their skill set.

Like many young and small companies, we were looking for the best solutions for our IT needs. After digging through tons of price variations and tables we decided we do not want to work that way. What we wanted was to talk to someone about our needs and have them come to us with a solution and the best price. With that in mind, we created Terama Cloud. Cooperation to find best solution and no endless price tables.


Terama Consulting s.r.o.

ID: 05279143

VAT: CZ05279143

Velešovice 395, 683 01

Czech Republic

Tel: +420 730 182 935

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